The Project

“Discovering the products of man and earth”

The project includes the guided bus tours departing from strategic points of the area, visiting farms, tastings and / or light lunch, all totally free for tourists.

The initiative, in fact, is totally funded by the European Community with mis. 313 – Rural Development, and has as its goal the promotion (including by electronic means), the agricultural culture, the enhancement of short chain, nutrition education recreating the link with the environment, health, and the path of food from farm to table; is open to tourists of all ages, whether they are Italian, foreign, local.

Throughout the route, which includes traveling by minibus, visiting farms and places of interest, a multilingual guide will accompany tourists to illustrate path and natural features and cultural premises.

The entire project Kmzero Tour should be seen as a real territorial development plan, spread in various locations existing in the Umbria region, each with its own specific characteristics and peculiarities.

Kmzero tour is divided into six reality: “The Path of Flavours Mystics” was born in the Municipalities of Collazzone, Gualdo Cattaneo and Giano of Umbria, land of the Mystics Minor, “The Franciscan Path” in the territory of Valfabbrica, “Rediscovering the Earth Mother and the Ancient Ovens “in the town of Collazzone,” Views Farm “in the municipalities of Magione, Panicale and Paciano, involving the entire region, and emphasizing the great historical, cultural and gastronomic that distinguish it. In response to the need to improve the promotion of rural development, the idea is to provide a free transport service to promote local tourism, with the aim to introduce our products in domestic and foreign countries, and export our culture food and wine, and our traditions, using the iT component as a means of dissemination.

This will create a website and activate social networks through which tourists can make bookings online. It also provides for the participation in national and international fairs of the sector, in addition to the presence of “Enoguide” The routes of buses provide departures from strategic points located in the Region. Each route – route will be advertised as Event and performed in periods coincide with other events in the local area. It is also expected to travel coincide with meal times, to include tasting menu of the various productions of the farms visited, a project absolutely repeatable over time.

Our goal is to promote events with free tours, a valuable source of information and digital service that qualify the supplied internet system Umbro, the ability to export through important international fairs our local products and tourist offer of our territory.